5th Passenger Crew5th Passenger is a Sci-Fi Thriller about four astronauts stranded in deep space.
Featuring cast members from Star Trek: Voyager

Written and directed by Scott Baker who is an award-winning horror filmmaker. His credits include over a dozen short films, including Rationed and The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead.

The film stars:

  • Tim Russ as Franklin
  • Manu Intiraymi as Thompson
  • Ethan Phillips as Myers
  • Morgan Lariah as Miller

Curtis Fortier as Myers in the trailer


Four crewmembers are forced to evacuate and are set adrift in a small escape pod after their starship is destroyed. As their resources diminish, so does their hope of survival.

During one last attempt to lead the crew in getting their systems functioning, a mysterious alien enters the craft and viciously kills off the crewmembers one by one.

In order to stay alive, they must find and destroy… the 5th Passenger.

Directed By Scott Baker
Written by Scott Baker & Morgan Lariah

For more information visit the website 5thpassenger.com