star trek best of both worlds picard25 years ago this week, Star Trek: The Next Generation aired “The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1”. Written by Michael Piller and directed by Cliff Bole, the season three finale would see the return of The Borg, the unstoppable villain introduced a year earlier.

The Borg capture Captain Picard and transform him into Locutus of Borg.

“I am Locutus… of Borg. Resistance… is futile. Your life, as it has been… is over. From this time forward… you will service… us.”

Locutus of Borg, formerly Captain Picard

The episode ends with Commander Riker giving the order (“Mr. Worf, fire.”) and the screen cutting to the words “To be continued…”

This was the first time Star Trek had ended on a cliffhanger and left the fans with a 3 month long wait to see what would happen to Captain Picard.